Jonas Brothers Answer Your Questions


-The Jonas Brothers recently sat down with People Magazine to clear up some rumors and answer your questions. Check out the video below.

  • I like “burnin’ up” too and also, I just want to say you guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristi

    Do you fight sometime ?

  • you guys are awsome!!! what is age the youngest girl you would date?

  • there’s a girl band in Leeds called the Allison sisters and guess what im in the band as there guitare player.

  • hi guys i changed my email to allison2232@live’ my question is do you like roller coasters? i am 15 years old and i am diabetic hi from leeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rozerin but you can say rose…

    hyee… i love u disney… thank you for the movies….i want to ask some questions… when is zack’ s birthday and when is joe’s nick’s and kevin’s birthday…and the last one when is the vanessa birthday??…..

    to: web site or disney…
    from: rozerin we can say rose…

  • rozerin but you can say rose…