Jonas Brothers Have Spirit Of Life


-The Jonas Brothers attended the Spirit of Life Awards last night in Santa Monica. Also in attendance were Rihanna, JC Chasez and more. Kevin, Nick and Joe were recently named the half-time performers for the Thanksgiving Day Football game…and some hardcore football fans aren’t happy. Are YOU excited to see the boys play?

  • Stephanie

    I am very excited they are playin.. And all those hard core football fans need to re think. How many of those are dads who are always tryin to get closer to their teenage daughters or even elementary aged kids??? Now is there opportunity to sit and watch what they want and at the same time watch a great group of guys that their children like and maybe have a meaningful conversation and a bit of quality time…For the rest of us who just love the Jonas Brothers it’s just another chance to see our boys so everyone wins YEA!!!

  • Brittany

    I am so excited, and I wish the hardcore football fans were too. The Jonas Brothers are big football fans, and they are probably way excited for this. If those fans, and other people took the time to listen to the Jonas Brothers and read about how they are good influences and are very talented they would realize it is a good choice. If they spend less time whining and dissing, and more time appreciating than it wouldn’t be an issue.