Jonas & Tokio Hotel

4 posted a picture of the Jonas Brothers and Tokio Hotel together, taken Aug. 8 when the Jonas Brothers performed on Good Morning America. There have been many comparisons between the two. Which group do you like better?

  • TH sucks.. how can they compare those ugly looking fake-rockers with the most awesome and hottest guys in the world!?
    I mean the jobros are so much better!
    TH looks like girls anyway…
    I mean look at that bill, seriously in the beginning I thought he was a girl Ö!

  • Nardie

    And to the comment above me can you please be mature about this?
    You can’t say ALL of tokio hotel looks like girls when only one band mate looks a bit femine!
    and tokio hotel is hawtttttt!!!!
    Plus tokio hote,l all their songs have great meaning
    their lyrics actually have to do with something
    unlike some other band I know of…

  • Laura

    Tokio Hotel is amazing!
    and sure bill and tom do have a feminine structured face but it doesnt mean they’re girls.
    they’re all boys who rock my world with awsome music.
    But dont get me wrong Jonas Brothers are an awsome band too and im a huge fan of them too.
    Both are awsome bands with awsome taste in music and both deserve to be rocking america!

  • Catherine

    Tokio Hotel all the way!

    I have loved them since the first time I saw them, I have been a huge fan for many many years and I can’t think of a band better than them! They are all unique in their styles, personalities, and in their music. They put hard work in their music and I think, wait I KNOW they deserve 2008 Artist of the Year and 2008 Group of the Year !

    Ich Liebe Tokio Hotel!
    They are AMAZINGGG