Ed Westwick On Regis & Kelly


-Ed Westwick from “Gossip Girl” appeared on Regis & Kelly this morning. Our good friend Emilee was in the audience and she’s one of Ed’s biggest fans…and her dream came true this morning. Not only was she recognized by Kelly Ripa and greeted by Ed, she was the only person in the studio audience who was allowed to personally meet him! Yay Emilee! Watch the video below and check out Emilee’s pic with Ed.

  • stephanie

    ed westwick is so hot. his english accent is the hottest and hes so talented of his hiding that fact. he sounds totally american in gossip girl, hes also really talented by the way, hes in the band the filthy youth. chech them out, especially the songs orange and come flash all the ladies! theyre great. i love and support you Chuck Bass and Ed Westwick. much love ~`stephanie