Miley Cyrus Sells Out the MGM Grand


-Miley Cyrus played to a sold out crowd at the new MGM Grand @ Foxwoods Casino on Saturday night. Opening for her was Push Play. Check out more on them HERE. Miley performed a full set starting off with “Start All Over” and ending with “See You Again.” Mixed in were mostly songs from “Breakout,” including “Simple Song,” “Bottom of the Ocean,” “Full Circle” and more. She closed her performance with an encore of “Goodbye.” Miley will be having her 16th Birthday Bash at Disneyland this weekend. Check out pics and videos below.

These Four Walls

The Driveway

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Simple Song

  • miley cyrus soy tu fan !!!!!!!i love you much bueno espero que sigas asi como asta ahora

  • Holy Shit, This made my day. x-.D awesome.

  • who’s Miley’s new boyfriend?

  • miley probably only knows

  • miley u r so cute i got a skirt just like tht one but mines pink but mine is longer luv you

  • I love Taylor!

  • I love sooo mucho this song

  • in the videos have very nip slip of miley and i dont like this but the t-shirt is nice