Stars Reach Out


-During a trip to Tenessee on July 28, the Jonas Brothers, Angus T. Jones & Miranda Cosgrove visited St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The boys took some time out of their busy schedule to give back to the community. Check out some pics below and also a very touching video that Popstar! posted.

  • belen

    hi everybody i dont now if iam writing good this because iam from bolivia in the south of america i think it was wonderful when the jonas went to that hospital well i think it was a hospital hey guys your music is amazing i really like the song one day at a time if you can come to latiamerica guys joe you sing very well like nick and kevin when you play the guitar is amazing and nick i know that you have an illnes you are diabetic but you really let me now that when we have a problem we have to get up of it or in espanish levantarse and to have fe bye take care guys and when you want you can come to bolivia