You Got Me On My Toes


-Don’t forget “Camp Rock” premieres tonight followed by the “Burnin’ Up” video, even though it’s already on iTunes and Youtube. In case you missed it, we posted it a few news posts below. We just added 250+ screencaps. Enjoy! What’s your favorite part of the video?

  • Kera

    I loved Joe's mustache. That was probably my fave part. Well..aside from that Big Rob "rapped", Kevin was a ninja type person, and Nick was basically a James Bond. They all looked amazing and I can't wait to see it on Disney Channel tonight. <3 "I can't grow a mustache." That was cute.

  • Kera

    OH..and I also forgot to say, when they're singing at the poolside, I love their clothes and Nick looks like he's 17. He's like…stunning in this video. ha. *blush blush*

  • gigi

    "I can't grow a mustache." best part of vid. then again, me and my friends died when we saw nick the first time šŸ™‚

  • monica <3

    the part where nick jumps over the lasers :tongue: