• emily

    omj that was AWESOME!!!

  • ofir

    i looove them!! =]] please tell them to come to Israel!! please?? =]] i really want to see them!!!!

  • Lissangy

    this is amazing. Ive seen it probably 8x in a row and each time Joe gets me with shoetricks/tour2007 lol. Joe last time i checked hun it was 2008. lol ha. these guys are awsome and im so happy that they are becoming so successful. keep the great work up guys. 🙂

  • sharoni

    🙂 🙂 :smile:omj thank u soo much for putting this video up! i had no idea this premired! aaaahhhhhh that was sooo amazing ly hott thanx

  • Annie

    OMJ I Cant Believe I Missed This I Was Waiting All Week For It Then I Missed It.

  • Macy

    :crying: I can't believe i missed the premiere on disney channel Thank you sooo much for putting it on here :laughing: It made my day 🙂