Selena the Rockstar?


It seems like Selena Gomez is slated to join her bff Demi Lovato as a member of the Hollywood Records family. E! News is reporting that Hollywood is very interested in signing Selena…maybe the next Miley?
“Hollywood Records really wants Selena,” a source tells me. “Nothing’s signed yet, but they’re going after her in a strong way.”
Read more here. (Credit: E! News Online)

  • Myself

    No offense to all Selena fans, but I think we all know Selena will never be the new Miley. I've read this same article on and over 50 people say that Selena just doesn't have enough talent to be the next Miley. I'm not saying she doesn't have talent, but I'm just saying, it's basically a lost cause if they think she will be the next Miley.