AI Top 7


-Mariah Carey was the special guest/coach on American Idol. Here’s the links to see the top 7 perform some of Mariah Carey’s songs. (These are in random order). Who was your fave?

Kristy Lee Cook – Forever

Brooke White – Hero

David Cook – Always Be My Baby

Syesha Mercado – Vanishing

Carly Smithson – Without You

Jason Castro – I Don’t Want to Cry

David Archuleta – When You Believe

  • Elizabeth

    David Archuleta! He always does the best… lol

  • Maria

    David Cook was by far the best! He turned that pop song into one cool rock song! He rocked it out up there. Loved the original version and loved this new cool version! David Cook is my American Idol!!

  • Lanie

    DAVD ARCHULETA! WHOOOO! haha sorry for that. I love david.