Jonas in Islington


-The Jonas Brothers played a show in England on April 10. They are currently in Europe to promote their album and in May and June they will be opening for Avril Lavigne. Check out some pics of them returning to their hotel at

Check out this clip of Australia from the show (Thanks mestup2000miles)

-Also check out this cool “Jonas Family Time” and a special message video advertising their appearance on Oprah.

  • Melissa

    They are amazing 🙂

  • Sarah

    i was there.. it was actually the BEST night of my life.. they were incredible.. i was front row xD!! waiting for that moment for two years aha ;]. lovesss,

  • Jada

    They rock, I'm a big fan!!!! If they read this please tell me how did you guys get your music discovered, cause I just don't know how to get mines out there, and it's not easy.