-According to Ryan Seacrest, the Jonas Brothers brought the biggest crowd ever to the KIISFM studios this morning! To view pics and videos, go HERE and look under Ryan’s Recap.

-Zac Efron and the Veronicas will co-host the Kid’s Choice Awards in Australia.

-The Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds tour starring Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers kicks off soon! The tour is directed by Kenny Ortega and will also have some cool stuff like lots of pyro, etc.

-The Jonas Brothers made the front page news of the Dallas Today this morning!! The crowd for the Dallas State Fair was over 20,000+ according to the press, and over 40,000+ according to the promoter, joining the ranks of crowds of GARTH BROOKS and SELENA. The heat was so bad though they hosed people down with firehoses, etc during the show. We’ve also been told that the press in Dallas are comparing the boys to Elvis, Green Day and the Beatles. Traffic was backed up all the way to Oklahoma. Downtown traffic was at a total standstill because of “an event downtown.”

-Congrats to “Gossip Girl” for getting picked up for a full season!

  • kim

    Yeah i was at that concert, it was way too hot and we had to leave our spots due to the fact that we were overheating and getting very sick. We had great spots on the water fountain and got to watch it on the large screen. We were very lucky. Of course that means no pictures :crying: but just remember Texas loves Shine On Media!