-Catch Aly & AJ on the View tomorrow!!

-Also catch the Cast of High School Musical 2 on Good Morning America tomorrow (Aug 2).

-Don’t forget that “Hold On” is now available on iTunes!!

  • Tina

    I thought i read on Tommy2net that Zac Efron is going to be on the view tomorrow.

  • vanessa

    yay he was on aly and aj wern't

  • sunshine_705

    Aly and Aj weren't on. I TiVo'd it. I was a little disappointed. lol at least Zac was on!

  • Tina

    Hey Just so you Know Jesse McCartney will be in Toronto On Sept 2. Corbin Bleu and Drake Bell and others will also be there. It should be good.

  • Frederick

    Yeah, I watched "Regis And Kelly" and Aly and AJ were not on at all. They didn`t mention there names or anything. :crying: