Tech Difficulties


-hehe…no more technical difficulties!! I got the video to finally work…i’m creating the videos now, but they will take time to convert and upload to both youtube and i’m gonna use savefile to upload the videos for you to download. Also, I’m not making videos of bowling for soups set…cause well, i didn’t think it was good and they’re not featured on the site. However, everlife and the cheetah girls are not featured here either, but if enough people want videos of their performances, I will create them for those acts too. But I will def. have vids of all the intros, miley, aly & aj, and jesse.

Edit: I’ve uploaded 2 mp3’s of my fave performances from the night. I’ll be making mp3’s of the rest of the concert later. but here’s my two faves (PLEASE DON’T POST ON ANY OTHER SITE without credit) The volume on these is as loud as I could get it, so Enjoy!!:
Jesse McCartney – We Can Go Anywhere
Aly & AJ – Do You Believe in Magic Remix

(These are uploaded to turboupload, which is just like savefile, etc. YOu have to wait like 30 seconds, and then the download link will appear under the google ad).

Edit Again: For those that are having issues with turboupload, i’ve uploaded the mp3’s to our server, but you will need winzip to extract them.
Aly & AJ – DYBIM
JMac = We Can Go Anywhere