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Sorry it’s taken me a few days to update, but I’ve been adding stuff to the gallery and I’m no where near done. But here’s the update for now.
**The Jonas Brothers new song “Year 3000,” which is a cover of Busted’s song, debuted on Radio Disney’s Music Mailbox today. It received a 96& Pick it rating! Way to go JB! You can listen and download the song at our myspace. the link is in the navigation bar at the top.
**CDUsa also aired the Jonas Brothers’ performance of “6 minutes” today. You can watch it here on youtube or download it here.
**I started added scans of the August Issue of Bop. It’s a poster special, and I’ve scanned 2 of posters. I’m working on the others. Since scanning is very time consuming, I’m only scanning parts of magazines relative to people on this site.

**Added scans of the July Issue of M Magazine, including the mega posters.

**Added some awesome pics of Aly & AJ and Katelyn Tarver at the 95SX Summer Concert last weekend. Thanks so much to the ever-amazing AllAccess Tim for the pics.

**Added pics from the Elizabeth Glaser Celebrity Carnival of Zac, Devon, Jonas Brothers, Miley and Ashley. Edit: Forgot to post I added pics of Jesse there as well.

**Added pics of Devon at the Nacho Libre Premiere, one pic of Jesse and Katie, and lots of pics of Jesse at the Wonka Funday event.

**Added screencaps from Phil of the Future “Happy Nird Day.”

**Added some random screencaps from various Disney things like the DC Games commercials, etc.

**Added screencaps from the third part of High School Musical (The end of “What I’ve been Looking for” up to the Library scene).

**That’s all for now. I still have tons more stuff to add.